User Acquisition

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User Acquisition

Engage and Acquire Your True

A data-heavy science that looks for trends and patterns that work, cutting out the guesswork that can lead to wasted ad spend. It is designed around generating installs, usually achieved by advertising campaigns and promotional offers.

Our Process

We, very well acquainted with the concept of user acquisition, provide assistance in gaining new users for an app, platform or other service. In order to achieve this we will be executing campaigns in which we will be advertising on platforms such as facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterest, etc. We will be evaluating your social media presence on a regular basis and put efforts to improve the performance of the campaign. Our team has an expertise to develop and optimize the social media presence, build customer loyalty and help acquire/retain new clients.

Our Strategy

Target Group

Identify the right target group so that your campaign attracts valuable prospects

Vital Channel

Promote your app and website on the channels that matters the most


Discover the insights of your app through the data collected during the campaign execution.

Conversion and Retention

Engage your customers through push notifications on the website and mobile app

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