In-App advertising

A Guide to In-App Advertising

In-App advertising

This makes in-app advertising a vital tool for the modern marketer
– providing specialized targeting in a contained ecosystem
with increased engagement and campaign tracking data.

In-app advertising, not to be confused with mobile web advertising, refers to advertising that takes place within a mobile app ecosystem. For those unfamiliar with this medium, you might be surprised at the statistics presented.

Reports from Emarketer suggests that not only do Americans spend more than two hours per day on apps within their smartphones, but more than 80% of mobile usage time is spent on mobile app environments.

Couple that with the fact that mobile usage continues to rise worldwide and that more than 50% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices -this is a rapidly growing market.

On the other end, there is the growing usage of mobile apps and tremendous revenues being produced. Consider the first quarter of 2017 which was a record-breaking period for mobile apps. Business Insider reported that around 25 billion app downloads and over $15 billion in spending took place during this time. Compared to 2016, mobile apps enjoyed a staggering 45% growth rate.

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